Monday, April 5, 2010

Wine Review: Blackstone Pinot Noir

Executive Summary: Wine Fail... Snack Win.

Blackstone created a wine, bottled it, and sold it for about 9 bucks. And I'm just going to cut to the chase. We have a first... a sub-three rated wine here on Reds (for the rest of us). Now generally if a wine is a 3 I would drink it again, but I wouldn't pay for it. Maybe I'll get into my scale a little more in another post, but this isn't the time. The point is, Blackstone earned a solid 2 of 5.

This "pinot noir" is actually a blend of 78% pinot noir, 14% syrah, and 6% petite sirah. There is nothing wrong with a blend, but I shouldn't have to go to the winemaker's website to find out what is in the bottle - especially when the label is clearly marked as a varietal "pinot noir." Apparently the folks at Blackstone didn't get the memo. Label your product.

Blackstone's offering (I keep thinking of the magician - but this bottle certainly can't make canaries disappear) does come out strong with a light, ruby color. There are fairly strong aromas of cherry, berries and black fruits, but none of the vanilla or spice advertised on the label.

The failing here is really in the sip. The taste is tart and there is really nothing going on in the palate. I should reiterate. Nothing is going on in the palate. It comes out all fruity and juicy, hits the tongue and then just disappears! This stuff is drinkable to be sure, but it's just plain boring. At that point I'd give this a solid 3, or a 2.5 perhaps in the $9 price range. But Blackstone comes along and one-ups the lackluster sip with an offensive finish. Only seconds after the flavor of the grape dissipates, a tinny... even pewter kind of taste fills the midpalate - it's almost like I just sucked on a really dirty penny. You know the kind. If you don't, don't try this at home.


All in all I am underimpressed and somewhat annoyed. I've tasted (but not reviewed) dozens of wines and tend to average around $12 per bottle. I've had some pretty tasty $9 wines and even a few good in the $6 to $7 range. But Blackstone - you have let me down. This watery, underperforming, overpriced, penny-tasting pinot noir blend (false advertising) is just NOT for me.

2 of 5 glasses

Post Script...

I paired this less than stellar wine with some exceptional treats. Baby caprese triscuits. Triscuits, a slice of tomato, some mozzarella, EVOO, basil and salt... mmmmm. Eat these! They are yummy.

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